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The software caters to a variety of programs including: Adult daycares, Home health care, Transportation, Interpretation, Mental health Services and many Home and community based institutions. It will help these institutions in fulfilling the ever-changing extensive data requirements


Reliable and secure patient Data Management


Easy patient information accessibility

Cost Saving

Smart Adminstration Management

Our Mission

To provide an affordable software tool for community-based health providers enabling them to streamline operations to increase efficiencies, ensure compliance and enhance profitability.

Our Vision

For the small healthcare facility that requires an efficient management software without the expense of subscribing to an expensive solution, this tool will help the customer to take advantage of resources they already own

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Our Story

Our founder, Abdul Ali, is an experienced engineer and corporate leader. During his tenure in the corporate world, he demonstrated a proven track record leading teams in software development, value packages introduction and process improvement.

Mr. Ali is also a prominent entrepreneur who has launched several successful ventures. One of those enterprises is a community-based health center, which he owned and operated for eight years.In 2013, he conducted a process improvement six-sigma project and discovered that the caregivers at his organization were spending tremendous amount of time in collecting, retrieving and accessing data.

He also identified the care process was extremely inefficient and was affecting the profitability of the organization.To fulfill this demand, he searched for an affordable software tool that addresses his organization’s needs. Unfortunately, most of the software tools in the market were too expensive, not customizable and very complex. He then decided to invest in creating a software tool that standardizes, optimizes, and automates day-to-day tasks. After implementing the project, the company was able to reduce cost, increase efficiencies, and provide better care.Today, our software is used by a variety of health service and care providers in Minnesota.

Success Stories

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

Bilterms is always trying to improve and they tell you their progress in that area and give routine updates. Bilterms is mindful of billing requests and takes suggestions very seriously.